What is the crack with hypnotherapy as you’ve seen hypnosis on TV. You’ve seen people clucking like chickens and forgetting their names. They are  totally convinced they are Elvis. What’s the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

What’s the story then?

In essence nothing at all of course. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and all the stage participants are doing is taking the hypnotists suggestions. Client at Kimnosis do the same but instead of asking for the client to do impressions I ask them to consider a better way of being. Hypnotherapy at Kimnosis, based in Guildford, Surrey is very much about getting the best of the client. Hypnotherapy is a way of making positive long term suggestions directly to the sub conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy using Kimnosis

Hypnosis is relaxing and a powerful tool for good.

What does a client get when they come to see Kimnosis for hypnotherapy in Guildford. The first thing is you register with Kimnosis. Then answer some basis questions. The most important is if you are under a doctor for treatment or medication. All the information is stored by Kimnosis and not used for any other reason than reference. All sessions are recorded on audio if the client want them. This gives two way security and reassurance. I will then ask what the client sees as the problem. When we get to the bottom of the problem, I can decide the best way to make a change using one of the many “tools” I have to help. One of these is hypnosis, but it may be Timeline Therapy or intervention coaching.

That’s a brief insight into the use of hypnotherapy at Kimnosis and what I do in Guildford to help you get the best out of you.

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