You are moving forward and you have been since you were born. The human experience is that we are born, we live and one day, we die. If you are reading this blog then you are on that journey. The problem is the human experience. Some of it is good and some is not good – we all have some great memories and some that we would rather forget. The trouble is, we tend to focus on the bad ones all too often. Are you one of these people that has an anxiety basket?

A basket that feels “comfortable and reliable”. You can add to it all the time and when needed, it’s there for you to dive back into as a reference. If you are one of those people who gets up and grab the ropes holding the anxiety basket every day, your journey forward is going to be “heavy”. You are going to have to pull and tug at that basket and all the time you will be looking at the anxiety basket and literally walking backwards into the future.


Can you imagine a long line for me please? At one end is your birth and the end of the line is now. Beyond now are a series of dashes that go on into your future when, at some point, you will leave this mortal coil. Somewhere along that line I would like you to imagine a small basket. This basket is your early life anxiety basket and it may have been created on the first day you went to school, or when you didn’t get the toy for Christmas you were sure you were going to get. Can you now imagine some more baskets, say half a dozen along that line, each one getting bigger and bigger until the one just before the “now” part of the line is massive. It’s been getting bigger as you put all those anxious moments in there throughout your life up to now. Put a large rope around the last basket and drag it along with you as you move forwards into your future. You’re having to pull hard as it’s almost full and you may need a bigger basket soon. You have to turn around to pull the basket, which you can see is full to the brim with all the problems and anxieties you’ve ever had. Wow, that basket is heavy!


The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be, it’s full of memories and you can let them go! You are a sum of your life’s experiences and they make you the person you are. You’ve survived this long and I hope you are in essence OK. You’ve managed to drag the basket to now – let me help you release those ropes and free your mind. Then, you can turn around and strive forward with the anxieties of your past where should be – in the past! If you want to know more or book a session then please email or call 01483 855098. I run 1-2-1 sessions in Guildford on a regular basis.


It’s just a thought.