Last weekend there was an epic boxing match between two titans of the sport. In the 11th round, Anthony Joshua won. But I don’t wont to talk about boxing per se, I want to talk about the boxer’s mind set and what we can learn from top sports people. What was the difference between the boxers? Not a lot actually in physical size, fitness and preparation. There was an age difference but at that level and in this case, this didn’t influence the outcome. 

Both boxers ended on their bums in earlier rounds, obviously caught by pounding shots. Both boxers got up, took their standing count and got back into it. How did they and where did they find the resilience to continue.This blog isn’t about boxing it’s about top level competitors and successful people – people at the top of their “game”. Moreover, it’s about you! 

All about me? Yes, you! Why can’t you get up when you’re knocked over? Why do you struggle when the going gets tough? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

The truth is, people at the top of their “game”, in sports or not, have self-belief – bucket loads of self-belief. If they get knocked down in life a number of times, they get up, and they get up again and again. They believe they have what it takes and they have a goal they are going to reach. 

Boxing and how to get past the wall

A formula 1 driver can’t blame himself for the lack of a race win or not beating his team mate – he must have no doubt about his ability. He must be 100% because if he had the slightest of doubts he would already be in a compromised state and would be giving away something to his competitors. 

How does this effect you? You’re not an F1 driver, a boxer or the CEO of a major company (though you may be reading this), but you are no different. You have the same amount of hours in a day and if you are physically fit you can attain a high level of competitiveness.

What is holding you back is you! A limiting belief, a belief that you’re not good enough, you will fail and be embarrassed.  

When I was 10 I was studying violin at a very good level, I won a scholarship to a music academy and played in the London Schools Symphony orchestra. Everybody around me moved heaven and earth so I had the right teachers and I was happy, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy at all because of all those people who believed in me and my ability, there was one person who was racked with self-doubt and fear – me of course. 

The funny thing looking back is, I wasn’t knocked down by anybody or beaten by a team mate. I managed to “beat” myself using doubt in myself, which grew in time until I gave everything up.

 Do I have self-doubt now about my ability – no! I’ve grabbed life by the neck and I’m going to wring everything I can out of it, but I do feel sorry for young Kim.

I’m often asked if I wished I’d continued with such a promising career in music. At the time, I didn’t have and would never have a career, because I didn’t have the mind-set of a successful violinist. 

At Kimnosis I use various techniques to help people get the best out of themselves as hypnosis is a powerful to for change.

Do I play the violin now – occasionally for fun and yes, it sounds OK.