Non-verbal communication at a sub conscious level – that’s a mouthful so please let me explain so you can learn this vital skill at a deeper level.

Communication is a key human skill but not one we know much about because it’s a subconscious competent skill. Words are only 7% of communication, 38% is intonation/tonality and 55% is subconscious.

You can gain a competitive advantage by learning these skills. So book and learn how to use these skills and more because we all use them, but often don’t know how or why we use them.

Here’s an outline of the workshop and what you can expect to learn and be able to use immediately.

  • Introduction
  • The mind and how we use it
  • The relationship between the critical faculty and the subconscious mind
  • Communication language skills, the voice and how it changes (what to look and listen for)
  • Eye cue’s and eye cue practice
  • The importance of rapport or how the lack of rapport can effect a conversation or deal
  • Essential rapport skills – matching, echoing, mirroring, tonality, timbre and breathing
How do I learn more?

 I’m running the workshop over 3 hours, the cost is £50 per person plus VAT. The workshop will be at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Egerton Rd, Guildford GU2 7XZ from 1-4pm. To reserve your place, which are limited, go to

If you want more information please email me at

Thank you!