Throughout the course of a year we will see and treat dozens of people that refer themselves to us because of a fear of public speaking. Often, they will have to deliver a speech or presentation for work and in many cases they will have spent years and years avoiding the situation, finding excuses or quite literally making themselves ill at the prospect.

At this time of year however we see many more people that need our help about something much more personal than business…Weddings!

A wedding is a joyous occasion, a celebration of love and commitment that we share with family and friends, something to look forward to.

But, for many people it also means worry, anxiety and in some cases genuine dread.

Father of the bride, the best man, the groom and in many cases the bride will all be called upon to ‘say a few words’ and for those living in dread, we can help. There is absolutely no need to cloud your enjoyment of the big day, because hypnotherapy offers a simple, straightforward solution and here’s how…

As with most phobias (the fear of public speaking is called glossophobia), this is something that cannot be controlled consciously. Friends will offer advice such as ‘relax’, ‘take deep breaths’ and even ‘imagine everyone is naked’ and although well meaning, such tips will not make symptoms such as nausea, palpitations, shaking and dry mouth go away.

Here at Kimnosis we apply tried, tested and proven methods to identify the root cause of the problem, then we use suggestion and visualisation techniques to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones….it really is that simple.

So simple in fact that the vast majority of patients are treated effectively with a single appointment.

As with all Kimnosis treatments, the patient remains in complete control throughout the session and we never, under any circumstances use parlour tricks or swinging fob watches to ‘put you under’. The treatment is gentle but effective, essentially a state of deep relaxation is experienced, allowing your sub-conscious mind to absorb positive reinforcement, replacing whatever negative thoughts were causing the problem.

If you, or somebody you know has a speech to deliver this summer please call on 01483 855098 or email via our website. Please do not let the prospect of ‘a few words’ ruin your big day…we really can help.