About Kimnosis

We should begin with the basics.

What is Hypnotherapy…or importantly, what hypnotherapy is not?

We would ask you to lose all your preconceptions about hypnotism, making people eat onions or act like catwalk models in front of a howling audience is an entertainment, hypnotherapy is a very well-respected complementary therapy utilising positive suggestion to effect real change to thoughts, behaviour and feelings.

Here at Kimnosis we work with people of all ages and backgrounds, there really is no ‘typical client’, after all, no two personalities are the same and whilst we might use similar techniques to treat different people, our experience tells us that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

This is why we take time to get to know our clients, we know that ‘the thing’ is not always ‘the thing’ and that by talking we can often unlock the root cause of a problem before treatment begins.

About Kim

A background in banking and corporate finance is hardly the traditional route into a therapeutic career but then again, a career traveling the world advising corporations and business leaders did allow some unique insights into how highly successful people operate.

Kim is a keen scuba diver, in fact he is a master trainer, once again hardly a qualification for a career in hypnotherapy on the face of it. But consider this, diving is a discipline that requires two elements key to hypnotherapy…trust and non-verbal communication.

Drawing on personal experience Kim worked closely with some of the leading oncologists in the UK to produce his first book, ‘A meeting with Sharks and Cancer’. Aimed at helping people to cope with life-changing illness and disease the book was praised for dealing with a difficult subject in an honest, easy to read and often humorous manner.


Kim is an accredited Hypnotherapist licenced by the prestigious American Board of Hypnotherapy, a registered teacher of Hypnotherapy and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)

A regularly sought-after speaker to business groups, social organisations and societies, Kim is also an Emergency First Aid Instructor.

‘In all my career, nothing compares to the absolute joy of helping a person to overcome a fear that has burdened their life…the overwhelming satisfaction of a genuine ‘thank you’ cannot be measured’.

Training & Accreditations

In addition to practitioner certification, Kimnosis is also a fully registered as a school by The American Board of Hypnotherapy and as such Kim is always delighted to speak with potential students or those looking to pursue a career in professional hypnotherapy. Most reputable therapists are committed to sharing knowledge and best practice to help advance awareness of our profession and in turn, help more people.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP Kim is also able to deliver some treatments which remain unavailable to hypnotherapists without this specific and highly regarded status.

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