Why do you feel as though you need to be more confident, more assertive?

A small question, but one with an almost infinite number of possible answers.

You may require the confidence to speak in public, be more assertive at work or at home, change career direction or make an important decision, effective Hypnotherapy can clear your thinking and allow you to decide the best way to proceed.

We will help you to recognise and value your achievements, set goals and appreciate underlying, often repressed reasons why you might be feeling unfulfilled.

Effects can be dramatic but our experience and expertise will guide you safely and calmly to increased confidence.

Case Study - Rebecca, Public Speaking

Speaking in public is often cited as one of the top three fears, in fact, it usually appears higher up the list than the fear of death.

Rebecca came to us in a bit of a state, she was due to give a speech in Oslo to a group of 200 business people, mainly men and almost all extremely experienced in their field.

On the face of it, this hardly seems like an irrational fear. Very many people would be daunted by the event and as most professional speakers will tell you, a little anxiety before a big speech is a good thing.

Rebecca however was truly terrified. So much so that she was ready to cancel the talk and face the consequences, consequences that could have included losing her job. Her company had chosen her as their representative at the event and in being asked to provide a speaker they had been given a great honour, one that they could not afford to turn down.

So, in addition to her fear of public speaking poor Rebecca also had a huge weight of expectation to deal with as well.

The clinical term for a fear of public speaking is Glossophobia, it is an extremely common anxiety disorder and as with many conditions of its type, the fear stems from the unconscious mind….a simple case of our minds working against us.

We met over a coffee and Rebecca explained her symptoms, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, racing heart and an overwhelming desire to run away. Even in a lounge thousands of miles away from Oslo, Rebecca started to display some of these just by thinking about the event. There was no doubt that Rebecca was more than qualified to deliver her talk, a fact emphasises by the faith shown in her by her employers.

We agreed on a course of treatments and over the next three or four weeks we met half a dozen times, we explored the reasons for the way Rebecca felt and discovered some deep lying anxieties, Rebecca was concentrating on some very specific negative memories.

The treatment include some well-established language techniques designed to ‘change the route’ of Rebecca’s thoughts, we replaced anxiety with calm and successfully introduced an idea using some of Rebecca’s personal heroes to emphasise not only her abilities but her right to make that speech.